We offer an ISST approved Training Programme in Schema Therapy comprising four workshops, delivered over two blocks of time (3 days in October (London) or November (Birmingham) 2018 and 4 days in June 2019. Our workshops can be also taken individually for CPD purposes. We are passionate about our trainees feeling skilled and confident in Schema Therapy, so each course is tailored to maximise learning, with a balance of teaching, expert demonstration, experiential work and role play. We have a high trainer to delegate ratio, allowing for a good amount of role-play coaching.

Our workshops receive consistently high feedback (4.6/5 where 5 = excellent; n = 471). Participants have said:

Schema Therapy Associates
"I enjoyed the practical exercises ... in particular the feedback during these / opportunities to ask advice during these were helpful"


Dr Tara Cutland Green and Dr Gill Heath deliver our regular workshops. They are Chartered Clinical Psychologists and trained in Schema Therapy under Jeffrey Young in New York. They are ISST-certified trainers & supervisors, members of the ISST Training & Certification committee and creators of the Schema Therapy Toolkit, a set of training videos that has been well received across the globe. Together, Gill and Tara co-authored a chapter on Schema Therapy in the The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology – An Evidence Based Practice Approach (Routledge, 2nd Edition, 2016, Edited by Alan Carr & Muirreann McNulty). Many clinicians trained by Tara and Gill have gone on to become ISST-accredited Schema Therapists.

Please be aware that you must have some previous knowledge of Schema Therapy and experience of working with complex clients before attending Workshops 1 or 2 (a, b or c). Ideally you will have read as a minimum, Reinventing Your Life (Young & Klosko, 1993) and Schema Therapy: A Practitioners Guide (Young, Klosko & Weishaar, 2003). Together our workshops cover all of the teaching necessary for accreditation with the ISST. For details of further requirements and information about our accreditation programme see our Accreditation page.

We are delighted to be hosting Chris Hayes for a one-day workshop on Imagery Rescripting (see below for further details). Chris is a Senior Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Accredited Schema Therapist, Schema Therapy Supervisor/Trainer & Board Secretary of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).  He has extensive experience in public and private settings working with clients with complex psychological presentations. He was trained in Schema Therapy by Dr Jeffery Young and has also completed training in Group Schema Therapy, chair-work, time-limited Schema Therapy, and schema work with couples. He has presented workshops across Europe, Asia & Australasia, co-runs a Schema Therapy Training programme and co-produced the DVD set, ‘Fine Tuning Imagery Rescripting’ (2016, Van der Wijngaart, R., Hayes), which has been well-received around the world. Publications include Professional burnout, early maladaptive schemas, and physical health in clinical and counselling psychology trainees (2017, Kaeding, Sougleris, Reid, Vreeswijk, Hayes, Dorrian & Simpson).

If you’re interested in further training via webinars, hosted by Institut für Schematherapie Rheirn-Ruhr, please visit Whilst the hosting organisation is German, the webinars are provided in English.

Workshops 1 and 2a, b & c, together cover the complete taught component required for accreditation with the ISST.

Book onto them all and receive a FREE Schema Therapy Toolkit video set*.

*Following receipt of full payment.

Workshop 1: Foundations of Schema Therapy with Complex Cases (3 days)  Now in London & Birmingham

  • Assessing and formulating complex cases in terms of schemas and modes
  • Limited reparenting and empathic confrontation
  • Imagery for schema healing and behavioural change
  • Chair work to combat maladaptive schema modes
  • Structure and style of Schema Therapy
  • Healing therapist schemas and the therapy relationship
  • Working effectively with endings

Workshop 2a: Schema Therapy for Borderline Presentations (2 days)

  • Conceptualising Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in schema modes
  • Research evidence for the effectiveness of Schema Therapy for BPD
  • Working with self-harm and suicide risk
  • Limited reparenting with different schemas and modes
  • Advanced imagery and chair work skills

Workshop 2b: Schema Therapy with Anxious, Avoidant, Dependent & OCPD presentations (1 day)

  • Formulating Cluster C Personality Disorders in schema mode terms
  • Generating motivation for emotional connection and behavioural change
  • Overcoming mode based resistance to change
  • Reparenting and Healthy Adult work with fear, dependence and rigidity
  • Integrating mindfulness, joy and play to enable change
  • Working with Forensic Modes (optional opt-in teaching)

Workshop 2c: Schema Therapy: working with Narcissism (1 day)

  • Formulating narcissistic modes and engaging NPD clients
  • Using the therapy relationship for change
  • 8 micro-skills for working with over-compensation
  • Therapist schema activation and healing

Imagery Rescripting for Childhood Trauma & Complex PTSD (1 day)

Imagery re-scripting is a key aspect of Schema Therapy and a powerful experiential tool for cognitive and emotional change. Furthermore, research over the last 4 years has demonstrated that imagery work can be utilised as a standalone treatment for childhood trauma (Arntz, 2013).

This day will focus on imagery rescripting to treat childhood related post-traumatic stress and complex PTSD including:

  • therapeutic underpinnings of imagery rescripting
  • providing a rationale to clients
  • the practice of imagery rescripting for childhood related trauma
  • ways to improve imagery rescripting in treatment
  • ways to bypass avoidance & other “roadblocks” to effective change

The workshop will provide expert teaching, demonstrations and experiential exercises, allowing delegates to practice skills.

It is aimed at clinicians who work with complex PTSD and/or personality disorders. Attendees need to be willing to complete imagery rescripting roleplay in dyads. No specific knowledge of Schema Therapy nor previous experience of imagery rescripting are required for this workshop. 

Dates, Locations & Booking Forms

To be kept informed of upcoming training, please provide your email address under the ‘JOIN OUR MAILING LIST’ heading on our homepage:

Bookings must be received at least 5 working days before workshops begin and your place is not guaranteed until payment is received.

Imagery Rescripting for Childhood Trauma & Complex PTSD (1 day, £195)

Monday 21st May 2018. 9.15am- 5.15pm. London: BPS Offices, 30 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4UE. Book a place by completing this booking form and arrange payment as detailed.

Workshop 1: Foundations of Schema Therapy with Complex Cases (3 days, £510)

Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th October 2018. LondonBPS Offices, 30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4UE. Book a place by completing this booking form and arranging payment as detailed.

Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd November 2018. Birmingham: Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX. Book a place by completing this booking form and arrange payment as detailed.

Workshop 2a: Schema Therapy for Borderline Presentations (2 days, £340) (2a, 2b & 2c together £630)

Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th June 2019; 9.15am -5.15pm. London: BPS Offices, 30 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4UE. Book a place by completing this booking form and arrange payment as detailed.

Workshop 2b: Schema Therapy with Anxious, Avoidant, Dependent and OCPD presentations (1 day, £180) (2b & 2c together £340) 

Wednesday 5th June 2019; 9.15am-5pm with optional forensic teaching 5-5.30pm. London: BPS Offices, 30 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4UE. Book a place by completing this booking form and arrange payment as detailed.

Workshop 2c: Schema Therapy: working with Narcissism (1 day, £180) (2b & 2c together £340) 

Thursday 6th June 2019; 9.15am -5.15pm. London: BPS Offices, 30 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4UE. Book a place by completing this booking form and arrange payment as detailed.

Cancellation Policy: If STA receives notification of a cancellation eight weeks or more before a workshop begins this will incur a £30 administration charge; receipt of cancellation four to eight weeks before the start of a workshop will incur a charge of 50% of the workshop fee. If fewer than four weeks’ notice is given the individual or funding organisation is liable for the full fee irrespective of the reason for which the individual is unable to attend. 

Given that there are a limited number of places on our courses, we are unfortunately unable to offer a fee reduction or deferment of your place to a later date if you are unable to attend at short notice.