Tara and Gill’s ISST-accredited workshops receive consistently positive feedback from delegates, and have attracted an average rating of 4.6 on a five-point scale, where 5 is ‘excellent’ (n = 562).

Here’s what they say.

An engaging learning experience

What did you like about this course? – Damned near everything! Content, method of delivery & attitude of presenters was great.

 I felt very inspired and motivated by the training, the trainers were very authentic.

 Excellent facilitators, inspiring therapists.

… a safe space to ask questions and learn without the fear of getting it wrong or feeling judged. 

 Would you recommend this course to someone else? – Yes, I already have.

 …all aspects of the course were relevant: the demonstrations, mixture of theory & practical exercises and group discussion – very well balanced.

Good mixture of role play, videos & teaching – really very nice balance – not too much / little of any of this.

 Presenters warm, engaging & approachable, very helpful.

 [I liked] the clarity and approachable style of the facilitators.

…lots of experiential work and the answers to questions are very attuned.

 Really excellent workshop facilitated by very knowledgeable & caring therapists, thanks very much.

 So valuable. Very pleased I chose this training.

 Just fantastic… I liked the clear, organised, easy to follow nature of the course. It felt very contained and helpful.

Good balance of theory and skills development

It was very well structured. The pace was just right.. [I liked the] experiential way of teaching with video, demo & role play as well as the didactic element.

So, so good.. Loads to learn and apply. I really liked the balance between theory, demonstrations and practical exercises. You brought [the model] to life, I feel I can now apply this to my work.

 Excellent clear presentation.. I liked the opportunity to think about current cases within the theory and to try out the techniques in role play.

[It gave me..] the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical understanding and use of Schema Therapy. I liked learning about the modes and how they interact with each other.

Good mix of theoretical detail, technique explanation and experiential work. Great clinical examples.

Really good to hear your examples which help illustrate the points so well.

Transformative and relevant

 … my confidence in the model jumped up and I’m brimming with new theory and techniques to use right away. Also very moving, personally, much learning about myself.

I really enjoyed the experiential work.. I actually got to ‘feel’ some shift on emotional level.

I liked the use of demonstrations and practice [with a] focus on the challenges in the [therapy] relationship.

It’s great to attend a workshop which has a direct impact on my clinical care.

 The practical role playing exercises and the coaching from the trainers was very helpful.

 The training was very relevant to my professional practice and excellent value for money.. I walk away feeling I have acquired better skills.

 [I liked] the focus on experiential exercises, imagery, chair work as this is all new to me. Great having videos & role play to watch to learn techniques & language. Also very helpful to hear exactly what you would say – so clinical cases discussed helpful to hear.

 I enjoyed the practical exercises and find these very useful, in particular the feedback during these / opportunities to ask advice during these were helpful.

 [I liked] watching the practical demonstrations & the videos – the examples from real life make it easier to grasp the approach.

 [I liked] the practical exercises and being able to directly related it to my clinical work and personal experiences.

 ‘…attending training with you [Gill] and Tara … was surely one of the best decisions I made…’