Eating Disorders & Body Image problems

Many people struggle with their feelings towards food, eating and their body image. Although these problems often remain hidden, they can nevertheless have a devastating and pervasive impact on your life, undermining your confidence and making every encounter with food or your body fraught with stress, guilt and uncertainty. The cycles that keep eating problems going can be particularly hard to shift, and many people with eating / body image problems feel frustrated and hopeless having made several unsuccessful attempts to get better.

We can help with a range of eating related problems including:

Schema Therapy can be extremely effective in overcoming eating problems. Evidence demonstrating the role of schemas in eating disorders is accumulating rapidly with over 20 journal articles published on the subject to date (see ISST for details).

In working with an eating disorder, we explore origins of the problem and identify the thoughts and feelings (schemas) that make it hard to change. We then work with our clients to help them develop the skills they need to develop a healthy relationship with food and to feel self-confident about their body.

The length and type of therapy depends on individuals’ needs; a range of options can be discussed during the assessment period.