Schema Therapy Toolkit

Ever find yourself midway through chair work or imagery with a client, thinking ‘arghh – what am I doing? What should I do next? Something isn’t quite right here…‘ Or you’ve hit a sticky moment, or planned an intervention and find yourself backing off because you feel a little unsure of the technique? Most of us have been there.

Sometimes reading or supervision doesn’t quite hit the spot as it’s hard to envisage exactly what you need to do. Now, help is at hand, in the form of videos demonstrating both core and advanced techniques.

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  • Expert demonstrations of essential and advanced strategies

  • Formulation, imagery, chair work, cognitive and relational techniques

  • Working with Child, Toxic Parent, Over-compensatory, Avoidant and Surrender Modes, and strengthening the Healthy Adult

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  • Subtitles in Spanish, English & Polish – Con Español Subtítulos – Z Polskimi Napisami

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“Very helpful in terms of helping me grasp concepts in action”

“… invaluable in understanding and practising responses to different modes. … I’m sure they helped me pass my standard accreditation!”

“… extremely high quality on many levels – well filmed, articulated, great attention to detail in demonstrating the various techniques, attention to helping client in each scenario transfer specific skills to meet needs in the future… They serve their purpose extremely well.”

“I very much like the way of working that is shown … it is very clear and memorable.”

“These short technique [microskills] demos are really, really useful.”

“I love the videos” (- Spanish speaker)

I am working currently … towards accreditation, and I wanted to say how wonderfully useful and well-produced I have found your videos. They have helped boost my confidence hugely, for which I thank you.”



These videos were originally developed for use in our ISST-accredited Schema Therapy programme. They demonstrate key skills that Schema Therapy trainers are likely to invite workshop participants to role-play. We have found that participants really value observing a technique being demonstrated before having a go themselves. These videos provide such demonstrations and so we offer a version of these videos that is licensed for use in training workshops that will be available from Monday 1st August.


Assessment & mode formulation

  1. Sharing a mode map
  2. Imagery to assess schemas

Reparenting the Vulnerable Child

  1. Imagery for limited reparenting via the therapist
  2. Imagery for limited reparenting via the Healthy Adult
  3. Imagery of limited reparenting of therapist schemas

Working with angry modes

  1. Working with rage and anger directed at the therapist
  2. Working with angry modes directed towards others

Working with toxic parent modes

  1. Chair work to combat the Punitive Parent
  2. Chair work to reveal the Punitive Parent is toxic
  3. Imagery sending away the Demanding Parent

Working with surrendering & avoidant coping modes

  1. Chair work to explore and confront a Hopeless Mode
  2. Chair work for bypassing the Detached Protector
  3. Chair work to uncover the impact of a coping mode on the Vulnerable Child
  4. Imagery and chair work to bypass an Avoidant Protector

Working with overcompensatory coping modes

  1. Implicit Assumption, Self-Disclosure & Micro-to-Macro microskills
  2. Empathic Apology & Repair
  3. Power of We & Empathic Limit-Setting microskills
  4. Guiding the client through being triggered by seeing therapist vulnerability

Strengthening the Healthy Adult for Behaviour Change

19. Imagery for behaviour change