Dr Ulla Damgaard-Sørensen

Ulla qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2005 from Salomons, Canterbury Christ Church University. Since then she has worked as a therapist, supervisor and team leader in forensic services for children, young people and adults. Ulla has extensive experience of personality disordered functioning both in normal prison populations, mental health settings (secure units) and through community services, including Community Mental Health Teams and Social Services. With over ten years experience of working in forensic settings in England as a clinical psychologist, Ulla has worked in a variety of settings, with men and women, a range of pathologies (psychiatric, personality disordered, and psychopathic) and a wide span of ages, including children and older adults. Ulla has lived in Copenhagen since 2012 where she continues to practice as a chartered clinical psychologist (registered by the Danish Psychology Board, Psykolognævnet and DPF) and a schema therapist. Ulla currently works with veterans of war. Ulla has worked with individuals, groups and couples (including with parenting issues). She has used Schema Therapy successfully to help clients challenge their difficulties, helping them develop safer ways of managing life. This has led to increased satisfaction in their functioning, often through reducing actual risk, but sometimes also by simply allowing them to express their needs in less threatening ways. Ulla’s last post in the UK was at the Fens Unit where she worked with men identified as suffering from Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (including psychopathy).


Ulla has now moved to Denmark to work with the Danish Ministry of Defence. She remains in close contact with the group and is available for consultation and supervision, mainly to professionals working in the forensic field.